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Hi, I am Rylen (by Design)


Passionate about sharing my thoughts and information on Positivity through Adversity, Resilience Under Pressure, Personal Strength and Becoming the Mountain. 

A Chapter in the Best Story Ever Written: Our Lives

Why Rylen by Design? 

Rylen believes that when we come to earth, we arrive as a blank slate. No memories of what lay behind us and no understanding of what lies ahead. Belief that each one of us is capable of great love and great evil. That path is created by how we feed and nurture ourselves, especially in the middle of unimaginable pain, greater obstacles and attitudes we chose to carry us forward. 

 One could say they are unique and special in their experiences, but as we move through this narrative together, some of you will react with compassion, some will relate and know they are not alone, and some will close this page down with disbelief. 

Rylen was born from design, through, sometimes, inappropriate humor at very serious events. She found the gift in every struggle and every situation that threatened to tear her down. She lost many battles along her way but remained gracious, steadfast and won many more wars. 

Why will I be speaking in third person? If you choose to follow this story and let it unfold, you will understand. In an attempt to protect those people who may not want to be public or those who can not defend themselves, or those who may be minors; I will work to continue their privacy.

The contents of this site is not appropriate for youth, as the stories contained in here are real, at times dark and show the evil side of humans.

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